Hello and welcome to my new home on the web

My name is Karen and I’m 24 and live in Australia. I’m kind of new at the whole blogging thing so please bear with me as I figure this out. I have a caringbridge page and a carepage but lately I have been wanting to expand the things I write about so it is not just about my topsy turvy health (Although the health stuff will probably creep on here too). This page should allow me to do that.

First some of the basics about me and an explanation of the title. I have Cerebral Palsy, more specifically Spastic Deplegia. In my case both my legs and my right arm are effected. I use a wheelchair most of the time (hence the wheely part of the title). I love to write and tend to ramble on a bit and I am a motorsport fanatic- hence the racer part of the title.

I have a whole lot more to say but it is almost time for dinner and I want to send this site out to people so I’ll come back and write a new post after dinner.


2 Responses to “Hello and welcome to my new home on the web”

  1. Lee Hagood Says:

    Hi “Wheely”. I will be visiting you here. Good luck to you as you try to put your thoughts in order! ! And welcome to the world of Blogging. I haven’t crossed over to that yet.
    Later !

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Great to read your blog!
    Looking forward to reading more!

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