Today is ANZAC day here in Australia. It is the one day where we as a nation give thanks to those who have fought for and those who continue to fight for our freedom. The day has always had a special significance to me because several of my family members have been involved in various wars. The following is a poem I wrote  that I believe is a fitting tribe to the ANZACS.

When the war began they were at home working the lands,

But when the call came they were the first to raise their hands.

To fight for their country.

To stand tall,

To try & win the war.

Then one day,

As battle lines when drawn,

A gun rang out in the night

And a boy lost his life.

Many years later,

Many lives lost

We stand to remember,

How they fought for us

Fought for our freedom

Fought for our lives

Fought for our country

Fought so we can stand with pride

They gave their lives so we could live

Yet we act like its nothing to give

Fighting amongst friends

Like mateship means nothing

They mean nothing

Yet they are/were something to someone

A son, a father, a brother, a friend,

As I stand here today my pride knows no end

For lest we forget

Copyright Karen 2007


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