Gremlins and Pollyanna

Anybody out there remember the movie Gremlins? Well the Gremlins have been at work again. I wrote a post yesterday both on here and on my caringbridge and carepage websites and they all got eaten. So now I am retyping the post in word so it can’t get eaten again. Anyway enough about the Gremlins, although I have an idea for a post abut them which will probably appear tomorrow.

A friend recently gave me what I consider the best advice I have had for a long time. He said there is a positive in every situation- we just have to find it. While I am not about to go all Pollyanna on you all, I do think its good advice and have been thinking about it a lot since our conversation. Sometimes the positives are easy to find and other times we need to look harder for them. The positive in losing my posts might be that I am explaining better this time. The positives in having undiagnosed chronic health issues for 3+ years are harder to find. I guess the thing that I hope is positive is that by the time the doctors figure out what is wrong with me (we think they have figured it out but are waiting on biopsy results to be sure) that the treatment will be better. Another positive in the situation is that I have met a bunch of wonderful, kind and caring people who I may not have met otherwise.

What are the positives in your life today?



3 Responses to “Gremlins and Pollyanna”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Hi Karen-
    I just wanted to tell you thanks for stopping by my blog-I love it when visitors let me know they stopped by.
    I read you post today-I should have read it before I did my post today. I am sure there are positives in my life I could put more focus on.
    Very cool you live in australia-
    If I ever get a chance to travel outside the US that is where I have always wanted to go.
    Bye for now-

  2. Glee Says:

    g’day Karen so nice to hear from you this morning. Like you I am a fairly new blogger and also finding it hard to keep it up. One of the problems I have is that I go reading other blogs (as you can see!) and replying to the excellent comments I find. So my blog gets neglected, sigh!

    Now for a positive thing. I am in South Australia and at last it is raining today and has been over the past week. My poor garden has been suffering with the drought. So it’s freezing cold and raining today with snow in the Adelaide hills. And while I hate the cold it’s a positive thing cos IT’S RAINING. 🙂

    It is disappointing when one doesn’t get comments on one’s blog so I will visit yours and comment every time if you will do the same for me. Perhaps we can help each other keep going.


  3. Glee Says:

    Back again. In your list 101 in 1001 you said you wanted to learn three new words a day.

    Here’s an easy way to do it and help the world’s starving – It tests you on a word with multiple choice answers and for every word you get right they, Freerice donors, donate 20 grains of rice to the hungry in the world.

    It’s fun and it makes it the words harder every time you get words right so you can get betterer and betterer!!


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