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Cancer only sucks on days that end in “Y”

September 28, 2008

Cancer only sucks on days that end in “Y” is an amazing book. It tells the story of Zachary and his battle with Cancer. It is told from his Dad Scott’s point of view. Scott uses humor to take us though Zachary’s journey from diagnosis up until almost today. No matter what happened in the book I often laughed though tears. Scott had a way of writing about the very scary world of Cancer in a way that makes you forget just how scary it is. He takes the dark moments and makes them so much lighter through humour but he never lets you forget the fight Zachary is fighting.

Right from the beginning, the book is filled with hope. I think that is probably the most important thing. I (touch wood) have not been affected by cancer, other than having many special friends on caringbridge and carepages who have battled the monster. But I still see Cancer only sucks on days that end in “Y” as a book that is a worthwhile read for someone like me. Why? Because it challenged the way I saw the world. The way I see my place in the world and made me realise that no one knows what the future holds.

You can buy the book by emailing Scott @ or by visiting his publishers website @ Barnes & noble, Amazon, and Boarders all apparently have it for sale too.

Zachary’s journey can be followed @

I challenge you, go by the book, read it and then tell me it hasn’t changed you in some way.


Summer reading for children

June 23, 2008

This is another post for the Friendly book nook’s Summer reading extravaganza. I don’t have kids but I thought I would tell you about some of my favorite books that are designed for teenagers or young people.

1. the Ranger’s Apprentice books- Ranger’s Apprentice is the title of a fantasy series by author John Flanagan. The first book in the series was released in Australia in November 2004 and in the United States in June 2005[1]. So far, seven books have been released in Australia, with other countries including the United States and United Kingdom following behind. The series follows the adventures of Will, an orphan who becomes an apprentice Ranger, and his master Halt as they strive to keep the Kingdom of Araluen safe from invaders, traitors and threats. John Flanagan has stated in an auto-reply to those who email him, “To those of you who wrote to tell me you enjoy the books, thank you so much. I really do enjoy hearing from you. We’ve just signed a movie option deal for the series so it’s looking good for at least one Rangers movie in the next few years. Maybe more.” This was exciting news for me.

2. The Harry Potter series

Once again I’m sure I’ll think of more later so be on the lookout for more posts in coming days.

Summer reads

June 23, 2008

This post is a part of the Friendly Book Nooks summer reading extravaganza! You can find it here (I am sorry but I can’t get link’s to work here). It is actually winter here in Australia but there is no better time to curl up with a good book. So I thought I would post about my favorite reads here.

1. Any Jodi Picoult book- the first one of hers that I read was My Sister’s Keeper. It tells the story of Anna a 13 year old who sues her parents for the right to her own body after they want her to donate a kidney to her sister, Kate, who has Leukemia. The plot is way more complicated but I don’t want to say too much and give it away. My Sister’s Keeper (like all of Pucoult’s novels) made me think and tugged at my heart strings. I really enjoyed it.

2. Cathy Kelly is a new find for me. She is listed as a romance writer but romance was not the central feature of her books for me. They are much deeper than that and I am enjoying unearthing all the layers of her books.

These are just my current favourites and I am sure I will think of more so I will write more posts on this in the future.